Google Play Celebrates 25 Billion App Downloads By Dropping The Price Of Top Apps To 25¢

Google Play has surpassed an astounding 25 billion app downloads and with Google being the kind of company that enjoys a good celebration, they’ve gone ahead an lined up 5 days worth of $0.25 apps. These discounted apps aren’t just a pile of random garbage either. Some of the Google Play’s top and most recent apps are being offered for a mere quarter — I’d say that’s enough to get anyone searching between their couch cushions for a bit of spare change.

Google will discount a different set of apps each day so you’ll want to stay on top of the promotion if you don’t want to miss out. The first catalog of discounted apps can be found by following the link below. Too bad for me I have already purchased most of them. Cheers!

Top Apps for 25¢