Koushik Dutta Announces ClockworkMod Tether Alpha – No Root Required, Undetectable To Carriers

Koushik Dutta is well know in the Android community for creating the indispensable Clockwork Mod tools used by over a 100,000 people. It seems he’s at it again — this time bringing us a ClockworkMod tethering app that neither requires root or a separate costly plan from your carrier. Many individuals share the common belief that they should be able to use the data they pay for however they wish, whether using it for your mobile phone or computer. This app will allow you to do this without fear of being blocked as it is undetectable to carriers (your data allotment still applies and is tracked by carriers).

Right now, ClockworkMod Tether is in Alpha state and Koush has been soliciting testers to help provide feedback until January 7th (when this version will “time bomb”). In order for ClockworkMod tether to get around needing root, CM Tether will need to install a virtual network adapter on your computer and is available for Windows, Mac, and Linux. Koush has intentionally left out any instructions because, as he states: “I feel that if the app can’t be set up without installation instructions, I have failed to make it easy enough to use.” The UI is pretty rough (no UI for linux) and all Koush is really looking for at this stage is whether:

  • – You have problems installing it or getting it working?
  • – How is your download and latency once everything is set up?

I look forward to following the progress of this app, and if anyone is interested in helping out Koush with his Alpha testing, follow the source link below.