Target And Walmart Offering Specials On The T-Mobile Galaxy S III [Deal Alert]

When Samsung released the Galaxy S III to all the major U.S. carriers it was a godsend. It was a smart move by Samsung and allowed consumers the opportunity to have the latest and greatest Android phone, no matter what carrier they were on. Everyone was pretty excited, until T-Mobile came out and priced the Samsung Galaxy S III almost $100 more on contract than every other carrier. T-Mobile customers were pretty much given the shaft and offered little to no relief, until now.

T-Mobile customers, or anyone looking to join T-Mobile, can now visit one of their local Target or Walmart stores and get a great deal (all things considered) on a 16GB Samsung Galaxy S III.

Target is currently offering the the Galaxy S III on T-Mobile for $169.99 and even throwing in a $25 Google Play gift card to get you started. If that sounds like a good deal, then you’ll want to head into your local Target Store soon, as this deal ends September 22.

As for Walmart, they’re offering the Galaxy S III for the even lower price of $148 but you won’t be getting a Google Play gift card with it. There’s no information on when the Walmart deal ends, so if you’re interested, I suggest acting quickly.

At least these deals offer a bit of relief to T-Mobile customers looking to pick up the amazing Samsung Galaxy S III.