Call Of Duty Black Ops Zombies Drops Its Xperia Play Exclusivity, Now Available For Most Devices

After a brief Xperia device exclusive, Call of Duty Black Ops Zombies is now available for most Android devices. The game itself is another Zombie shoot ’em up, which frankly, is getting a little old. Glu mobile has also decided to drive users bonkers by charging $6.99 for the game as well as including in-app purchases. This model is a far cry from what MadFingers Games is doing with their free Zombie hit Dead Trigger. By comparison, Dead Trigger (which dropped its price to free) has amassed almost 5 million downloads in two months while COD: Zombies with their $6.99 price tag has only managed a couple thousand downloads in the month that it has been available.

Will COD: Zombies see a rise now that more devices have access to it? Sure, but I’m not betting on a huge increase. Most users feel like they are being taken advantage of when a developer not only charges for a game but also includes in-app purchases. I, for one, have to agree, and by the looks of COD: Zombies, it has nothing on Dead Trigger.

Drop the game to free and keep the in-app purchase model and watch those downloads hit the millions. Just sayin’. It’s also worth it to note that despite its exclusive Xperia run, it doesn’t appear to support game controllers — something users are quite disappointed over.

Anyways, if you find yourself feigning for another Zombie shooter, hit up the Google Play link below and give Call of Duty: Zombie a try.