Amazon Lining Up Its Ducks: Announces App Store For Europeans And Lists Kindle Fire As “Sold Out”

If you had any doubts about Amazon announcing its next Kindle line at its September 6th press event, you won’t now. Amazon is clearly lining up its ducks as they have just released their App Store to the European market as well as listing their best selling device, the Kindle Fire, as “Sold Out.”

The Kindle Fire shook up the tablet industry, paving the way for an affordable, yet fully functional tablet. While Amazon never gave any concrete numbers, they continuously tout the Fire as their best selling product. There’s no doubt it garnered early success, but Amazon missed out on a tremendous global opportunity by limiting content access to the U.S.

Now, with their app store available in markets such as the UK, Germany, France, Italy and Spain, Amazon is set to unleash its next iteration of Kindle products — this time with a global appeal. This, along with all of the recent content deals Amazon has been making, solidifies the Kindle Fire 2 as a serious competitor to the newly released Google Nexus 7 tablet.

The only thing missing are specs and a price. Once we know those, we’ll be able to tell what kind of splash the Kindle Fire 2 will have this holiday season.

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