Samsung’s Drive Link Aims For Functionality With Less Distraction

There’s no way around it, we use our smartphones for just about everything, and sometimes, that’s not such a good idea. One such instance is while driving. The more distractions we introduce while driving, the more dangerous we become to ourselves and others. That’s why manufacturers, lawmakers, and even carriers have been doing their best to keep us focused more on the road and less on our gadgets.

Samsung is one such company doing what they can to give users a safe balance of functionality while minimizing distraction. While you certainly shouldn’t be playing Angry Birds or texting OMG while driving, some things such as navigation and hands free calling are useful and well within our safety zone. Samsung knows this and it’s these core features that have inspired Samsung’s newest driving companion app — Drive Link.

Drive Link is built around the three most popular uses of smartphones while driving: listening to music, navigating to a destination and talking hands-free. Drive Link features enlarged buttons, a smart loading screen with information such as time, weather, and any appointment information saved in S Calendar. Navigation controls are also one click away, and staying on top of important messages requires no unnecessary glances thanks to Drive Link’s Text-To-Speech functionality.

Alone, the Drive Link is a safer driving companion than those annoying backseat drivers, but when paired with a supporting In-Vehicle Infotainment system or head unit using MirrorLink, it’s like your own personal chauffeur. The Drive Link app is launching on the Samsung GALAXY S III (GT-I9300) first and then trickling down to other Android 4.0 smartphones soon after.

Drive Link can be found within Samsung Apps and is available in 21 countries. For more information on Drive Link and how to get it, visit the source link below.