Facebook Requiring Some Employees To Use Android Devices Until They Can Produce A Better App

Facebook has had one major thorn in its side for quite some time, and that’s its Android app. For some reason, they just can’t seem to get it right — or just don’t care. Well, it looks like someone in the Facebook camp cares, because some employees are now being required to use Android devices as their only device — so they can see just how bad the app really is.

This process of making employees use their own product is also referred to as “dogfooding,” from the phrase “eating your own dog food.” It’s a fairly common practice and isn’t always negative. It’s supposed to show confidence in a product, meaning “this product is so great, that even our employees use it.” Because honestly, if the employees at the company won’t touch it, why would consumers want to.

In this instance, it’s to drive home a point; the point that the Facebook app for Android, well… isn’t what it should be. Android users have been saying this for years, and if you look at the user reviews in the Play Store, you’ll see it has almost 900,000 1 star votes for an average rating of 3.6 (out of 5). Certainly not the worst, but also not something Facebook should be proud of.

Hopefully after being tortured by the Android app for a few days, employees will get serious and push out some updates. Who knows, we might end up with a better app and a few converts.