Samsung Offering A Slew Of Exclusive Content To Galaxy Note 10.1 Users

Samsung is sweetening the pot for anyone considering a Samsung Galaxy Note 10.1. They’ve announced a slew of exclusive content as well as a couple free games now available to all Galaxy Note 10.1 owners. It’s a combination of content from Samsung’s app store as well as the Google Play Store and includes:

S Pen Games

  • Flag Challenge
  • Where Is It
  • Star Gazer
  • Trace Face
  • Spot The Difference
  • Drop The Beat
  • Free The Bird


  • Sonic The Hedghog 4: Episode 2 – Sonic The Hedgehog 4: Episode 2 is available for FREE for a limited time to Samsung Galaxy Note 10.1 purchasers. Click the Samsung Apps icon on your new Note 10.1 and search “Sonic the Hedgehog 4” to download this game.
  • Need For Speed: Hot Pursuit – Need For Speed: Hot Pursuit is exclusively available for FREE download for the Samsung Galaxy Note 10.1 for a limited time only. Click the Samsung Apps icon on your new Note 10.1 and search “Need For Speed Hot Pursuit” to download this game.


  • WIRED: Note Edition – Exclusively available to Samsung Galaxy Note 10.1 purchasers, the FREE “WIRED Note Edition” allows the reader to access every edition of the award winning magazine, from the day they purchase until the January 2013 issue (available December). WIRED Note Edition includes specially designed Note functionality-enhanced for the Samsung S-Pen. Go to Google Play and search “Wired Note Edition” to download.
  • Official TOP 40 Chart – If you want all the hits, all the time, then you need the Official TOP 40 Chart App. Every week, you’ll receive the UK’s top 40 music tracks, and they’re downloaded automatically overnight. Download the app on your Galaxy Note 10.1 now for a free 8 week trial.
  • Easy Phone Sync – If you used to own a phone from another manufacturer, and music and contacts are stored on a different device, it’s easy to copy it all across to your new Galaxy Note 10.1 with no hassle at all. Get the Easy Phone Sync app and make switching devices easy.

I doubt these apps are going to convince someone to purchase a Galaxy Note 10.1 but at least it’s a bonus for those who already plan on buying one.

Anyone out there rocking a Galaxy Note 10.1? How are you liking it?