Great Deals On A 32GB Motorola XOOM 3G, Samsung Galaxy S III, And More [Deal Alert]

There’s plenty of deals going around today, some better than others, but all have to do with Android hardware. For starters, there’s about 7 hours left to pick up a 32GB Motorola XOOM 3G from Daily Steals.

While the Motorola XOOM might be considered the grandpa of Android tablets, it still has a bit of life to it, that is assuming Jelly Bean makes its way to the 3G version. We wouldn’t call it a steal, more of “something to consider.”

Next up, you’ll find an unlocked AT&T Samsung Galaxy S III from for only $500. That’s even less than what Amazon Wireless is selling it for. The only catch: the deal ends in about 7 hours.

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Last but not least, Amazon Wireless is offering up the AT&T Samsung Galaxy Note for $159.99 on a two-year contract. This last one is a tough call, considering Samsung is supposed to be unveiling the Galaxy Note 2 anytime now and we’re guessing prices may fall even lower once that happens. Still, something to consider.

Anyone considering any of these, or holding off for something a bit better?