Buy Any Smartphone Online From Sprint, Add A Line Of Service, And Receive A $100 Reward Card

If you were thinking about switching over to Sprint, you might want to consider doing it before August 26th. Sprint is offering anyone who purchases a smartphone online (with a 2-year agreement) a $100 reward card from American Express — as long as they add an additional line of service. It’s certainly not a deal that’s going to cause a mass exodus towards Sprint, but if you were already headed that way, you might as well get yourself an extra $100.

The deal started today and runs until August 26th. It’s also not without stipulations:

  • Requires 2-year Agreement and new line of service
  • Account must be in good standing for 30 days to recieve card
  • Card mailed automatically to your billing address in 8 to 10 weeks
  • A $3.00 Monthly Service Fee shall be assessed against the Card balance 7 months after Card issuance (so spend it quick).
  • The Card cannot be used at ATMs

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