Today’s The Last Day To Grab Adobe Flash Player From Google Play

Flash was once viewed as an advantage of the Android platform over its competitors, and now, it’s going the way of the Dodo. If you would have asked me two weeks ago if I would miss it, I would have said no. But after trying to watch NASA’s live feed of the Curiosity moon landing on my Nexus 7 only to be met with a “required plugin is not installed,” I can honestly say I’ll miss it.

Whether it’s a game, video or website, I like knowing I’ll be able to view its content. That era officially ends tomorrow, when Adobe will no longer allow new installs of its Flash Player via Google Play. Sure, you can still sideload it from some third-party source, but this essentially means Flash for mobile is dead.

Anyone who has yet to download the Flash Player for their supported device, will no longer have the option to (come tomorrow). So if you have a Flash enabled device but haven’t yet installed Flash, you’re going to want to do that ASAP.

Flash will continue to work for those who already have it installed, and security updates will still be available, but starting tomorrow: no new installs!