“4G LTE Issues Resolved” According To Verizon Tweet

After a long day of 4G LTE outage, Verizon has finally broken its silence about the issue by informing us via Twitter that the issues are resolved. In classic nonchalant Verizon fashion, they go on to claim 3G was not affected (tell that to the thousands who could not connect). There was no apology or link on who to talk to about a possible credit, but did I really expect one — no.

There may still be a few of you experiencing hiccups, but for the most part, 4G LTE should be restored. So what do you think? How would you rate Verizon’s latest customer service performance? Did they handle this outage (or any previous outage) appropriately or did you expect more? Are you going to pursue your rights as a consumer by seeking a credit, or are you just happy its over? Sound off in the comments and let us know your opinion on Verizon’s latest 4G LTE snafu.