Amazon’s Kindle Tablet Is Alread Wooing Publishers Seeking iPad Rival

Three publishers will likely take part in Amazon’s expected tablet launch Wednesday. Although the titles are tailored for the smaller 7-inch screen, publishers reportedly are drawn to Amazon’s marketing muscle and the potential for an Android-based iPad alternative.

“Hearst, Conde Nast and Meridith have already signed deals with Amazon, according to the Wall Street Journal’s All Things Digital. Time Warner has yet to sign, but could ink a deal with the Internet retailer “hopefully by the end of the year,” publishing sources say.

Reportedly, Amazon will generally follow Apple’s 70/30 revenue split with some potential modifications. Time Warner’s Time Inc. publishing branch has yet to fully endorse Apple’s subscription terms, either, making it’s hold-out status with Amazon not unexpected.

Although publishers are joining Amazon’s rollout of the 7-inch tablet, the deals come with the “expectation that the company will roll out a bigger version that is closer in size to the iPad next year,” according to the ATD report.

But the biggest draw for publishers is the opening of another sales pipeline. “You’ve got beauty and design with Apple, which we love, but with Amazon you have marketing, and ease of use. We’re very optimistic,” sums up one unnamed publisher that has joined the Kindle maker.

However, don’t expect the new Amazon tablet to appear like the e-reader. Amazon reportedly is using Quanta, after the design group Lab 126 behind the Kindle, refused to work on the tablet. Quanta, you may recall, built RIM’s PlayBook, causing some to suggest the Amazon tablet will resemble the ill-fated tablet.