Remember When You Thought $30 For Unlimited Data Was Pricey?

Boy how the carriers have managed to pull the wool over our eyes. I remember a time when we used to think anything over $30 for unlimited data was pricey, and now look at us, we’re getting excited because Verizon has “super-secret” 10GB+ plans that start at $100!? Oh how I long for the good ol’ days.

In case you haven’t heard, the blogosphere is abuzz with the fact that Verizon hasn’t openly flaunted their great upper-tiered “shared” data plans. This all came about after AT&T included a 15GB and 20GB tier (which were apparently higher than Verizon’s 10GB tier) in their Mobile Share plan documentation. Turns out, Verizon has always had higher tiers, they just don’t list them in fear of making things “to complicated” for the consumer.

Now that everything is out in the open, lets take a look at what we now consider to be reasonable pricing.

Oh the terror! Look away, look away!

To think, in 40 years, my grandkids will probably be screaming “Mom, grandpa’s telling stories about cassette tapes, rotary phones and $30 unlimited data plans again!” Then a nurse will kindly feed me sedative laced jello and remind me that such things never existed. *sigh*