HTC Looking To Challenge Samsung’s Note Series With A 5-Inch Phablet Of Their Own

It would appear HTC it prepping to join the phablet market (which coincidentally is becoming quite large) this fall, with a 5-inch smartphone of their own. Not much is known about the device other than a rumored 1794 x 1080 (1920 x 1080 minus 126 vertical lines for Android’s onscreen navigation buttons) hi-res display and possible Snapdragon S4 chipset with Adreno 320 GPU.

Despite launching a solid “One” series of devices, HTC continues to struggle, constantly being overshadowed by Samsung’s innovative devices (contrary to what Apple believes). Given the fact that Samsung plans on releasing their Note 2 at the end of August, I’d say HTC isn’t picking the best time to launch a 5-inch device (unless they’re hoping to upstage Samsung this time around).

I don’t know how I feel about this move, while I wish the best for HTC, Samsung has a pretty good thing going with their S Pen suite, so HTC is going to have to bring something “big” to the table if they plan to “wow” users away from the Galaxy Note series.

Regardless of any decisions HTC makes, I’m hoping they’ll name this new device the HTC Yeti. What do you guys think?