Leaked Slides Show Off A Few Upcoming Nexus 7 Accessories

The Nexus 7 has been out less than a month and we’re already getting a peek at all the sweet accessories scheduled to hit shelves sometime next month (hopefully). According to leaked slides acquired by Nordic Hardware, ASUS has a slew of official accessories planned, including a POGO dock, premium leather cover, and more.

The POGO dock will use those nifty pins you see on the side of your Nexus 7 to allow for charging while having your tablet docked for optimal viewing. It also features a 3.5mm out, to connect to external speakers. According to the slides, the dock’s ETD (Estimated Time of Delivery) is slated for August 24, and will retail for $49.99.

Other accessories leaked include:

ASUS Premium Cover

This full wrap premium cover combines genuine leather, soft microfiber, rubber, and glass fiber to create what appears to be the perfect cover for your Nexus 7. This premium case will retail for $39.99 and will come in your choice of four colors: which appear to be red, orange, brown (dark purple?), and white.

The premium cover looks worlds better than the el cheapo from the Play Store, but we’ll have to actually get it in our hands to make a proper judgment.

ASUS Travel Cover

We’ve already seen the Nexus 7 Travel Covers pop up on ASUS’s website and they look to add durability and color to your Nexus 7 without hurting your wallet. Made of TPU (Thermoplastic Polyurethane), these cases have a non-slip texture to avoid those whoopsie moments, as well as bump and scratch protection. The travel covers will come in 6 stylish colors and retail for $19.99.

These covers have already missed their ETD of July 16, and although you can finally purchase the dark gray one via Google Play, we’re still waiting on the other five colors to be made available.

The last slide showed the power adapter for the Galaxy Nexus 7, which is already available for purchase. It’s nice to get a peek at some of the official accessories slated for release. So, which accessory are you most excited about? Personally, I’m liking that premium case.