Free Messaging App Viber Finally Gets Group Messaging In Latest Update


I’ve been a Viber user for sometime now, but I’ve always been frustrated with its lack of support for group messaging — something I believe every messaging app should do from day one. Thankfully, this is one of the features introduced in Viber’s latest update, available on Android and iOS today.

Group messaging is Viber 2.2’s “killer feature,” according to its developers. And unsurprisingly, it is the app’s most requested feature to date. You can take advantage of it immediately and hold free group conversations with your friends simply by downloading the latest update — available in the App Store and Google Play now.

In addition to this, Viber 2.2 brings the ability to assign custom backgrounds to your conversations, a new HD voice engine for better call quality, photos in your contacts list, time stamps for every message, and the ability to see which of your friends joined Viber recently when viewing your contacts list.

Thanks to these features, Viber expects the 2 billion messages it’s already sending per month to “skyrocket.” The company currently has over 90 million users worldwide — an increase of 20 million users in just over two months! — who are making over 1.5 billion minutes of calls every month.

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