Verizon Drops The Online Price Of The Galaxy Nexus To $99, Jelly Bean Still Not Included

The Galaxy Nexus was a breakthrough device for Google. Not only did it bring us Ice Cream Sandwich, but it started the movement to unify the look and feel of Android across multiple devices. Its Holo theme, on-screen software buttons, and multi-carrier release brought life back into the Nexus brand. Now the carrier who first brought the U.S. the Galaxy Nexus, and most likely screwed up any possibility of ever getting a Nexus device again, has dropped the online price to just under $100.

While that’s not a bad price, the fact that the Verizon Galaxy Nexus is a mere penny on sites such as Amazon Wireless, makes this deal seem like an easy one to pass on. But if you are someone who insists on purchasing your device directly from Verizon, this is probably the best deal you’re going to get.

If you do choose to pick the Verizon Galaxy Nexus up for $99, you’ll still be stuck waiting for the Jelly Bean update. Verizon may have been first to launch the phone, but they’re certainly last to launch any of the updates. Thanks Big Red!