Wirefly Eases The Pain Of T-Mobile Customers By Offering The Galaxy S III For $199.99

When the Galaxy S III hit U.S. carriers, T-Mobile was apparently the only carrier who failed to get the pricing memo. Magenta gave their customers the shaft by pricing the Galaxy S III $80 higher than every other U.S. carrier. While everyone else was paying $199.99 for a brand new shiny Pebble Blue Galaxy S III, T-Mobile customers had to angst over whether or not to pay an inflated $279.99. Well angst no more my Magenta mob, Wirefly has you covered.

Thanks to Wirelfy, T-Mobile customers can join the rest of the mobile world and pick up either a Pebble Blue or Marble White 16GB Galaxy S III for $199.99. Thank you Wirefly, you’re our mobile Robin Hood — without the tights. The Galaxy S III is an excellent device and well worth the $199.99, so if you’ve been on the fence because of the $279.99 price, it’s time to take the leap and grab one from Wirefly today.