Need A Wallet Case For Your Galaxy Note? Get The Spigen SGP Valentinus

The Spigen SGP Valentinus provided by the good folks at MobileFun is a handmade, luxury faux leather wallet case for the Samsung Galaxy Note that’s designed to protect your device and carry your credit cards and cash — allowing you to leave you billfold behind.

Its slimline form factor hopes to maintain the Galaxy Note’s slender shell no matter how many cards you cram inside, while providing full body protection against dings, dents, scuffs, and scratches. Its button clasp also keeps the case closed while it’s not in use, and ensures that when you do drop you device, the case doesn’t open up and leave your 5.3-inch display exposed.

The Valentinus boasts four card slots, plus a larger pocket for bills, business cards, and anything else you pick up on your travels. As you’d expect, it provides access to all your buttons, ports, and cameras, in addition to the Galaxy Note’s S Pen.

The Good:

The first thing you’ll notice about the Valentinus is that it’s a really great looking case — as you can tell from the image above. Its tan leather look is subtle and sophisticated, and its slimline design means it doesn’t add too much bulk to your Galaxy Note once it’s installed. It also means it’s very lightweight, too.

And well designed. The wallet is combined with a plastic snap-on case that keeps your device safe and secure. Other wallet cases will have leather enclosures inside that your device slips into, but these only add unnecessary bulk. The Valentinus also makes it easy to access all of your buttons and ports, and of course the Galaxy Note’s S Pen stylus, which, surprisingly, you don’t get with some cheaper wallet cases.

Furthermore, it has that handy button clasp. Although this does make it a little more difficult to slip your Galaxy Note into and out of your pocket — because it has a tendency to catch on your jeans — I’ve tested a lot of wallet cases for a number of smartphones and I can tell you its better to have the clasp than to be without it.

Not only does it ensure everything you’ve put inside the Valentinus stays inside the Valentinus, but it also protects the face of your device if you drop it. Without that clasp, there’s always a good chance the front cover will open up as your device hurtles towards the ground. You get a screen protector with this case, too, so that you don’t have to worry about your credit cards scratching your handset’s display.

Despite being such a slimline case, the Valentinus is very well made — as you’d expect from an Spigen product. I was worried at first that the card pockets would split because they’re so thin, but they’ve held up incredibly well over the last couple months.

The Bad:

Despite all of these great points, there is one thing about the Valentinus that bothers me: It’s not real leather. This probably won’t be an issue for most of you, but with a price tag of $45/£60, I think Spigen should have used real leather for the Valentinus.

The Valentinus also faces the same issue every other wallet case does: Typing with the front cover wrapped around the back can be uncomfortable. You may not notice this for short text messages, but when typing for longer periods of time you’ll notice the front cover gets in your way. I’ve found that the best way to combat this is to use your device in landscape mode for typing when possible.

The Verdict:

Although it may not be have been made from real leather, you’ll forget about that once you begin using the Valentinus. It’s a terrific looking case that’s very strong and robust, and very practical. If you’ve been looking for a wallet case for your Galaxy Note, then you should certainly check out the Spigen Valentinus, because you won’t be disappointed with it.

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