Google Gets Michael Bay To Direct A Live Hangout Demoing Project Glass [Fun]

Of course I’m kidding about Michael Bay, but boy was Google’s demo of Project Glass blockbuster worthy. A few moments ago, Google showed off Project Glass by fitting a few skydivers with their latest Project Glass prototypes which they were broadcasting live via a Google hangout and the results were absolutely amazing.

The skydivers jumped out of a perfectly good airplane and guided their way down to the roof of the Mascone center. From there they rappelled down the side of the building, hopped on a few bikes, and rode their way into the live presentation.

The demo was X-games worthy and streaming it live via a hangout gave us all a bird’s eye view of the entire experience. It was by far one of the best demos I’ve ever seen of a product and I’m even more excited than ever for this project to hit the consumer market.

I can’t wait for them to put up the video for all to see. Simply amazing!

Update: Here’s a video