Did You Get An Android Device For Christmas?

Christmas is over, the gifts are opened, and now many of you out there are holding brand spanking new Android devices. Android continues to grow tremendously and boasts over 700,000 device activations every day, and so we ask: “Did you get an Android device for Christmas?” Whether is was that Samsung Galaxy Nexus you asked for, or the quad-core ASUS Transformer Prime that has been appearing and disappearing, we want to hear about it. Maybe you have a question about using a particular feature of your device, or perhaps you just want to share how “bad” your experience has been so far. We’re here to help, and we love hearing your opinions and feedback.

I actually picked up a Galaxy Nexus at the beginning of the month and have been loving it so far (review coming soon). How about you? What Android device did you get, or what device do you plan on picking up with all those Best Buy gift cards? Shoot us a comment and let us know what new Android toy you’re currently playing with.