U.S. Carriers Blame High Demand For Possible Samsung Galaxy S III Delays

Here we go… Apparently high demand for the Samsung Galaxy S III is causing a bit of a shipping delay for U.S. carriers. A trend we usually only see with Verizon, has now trickled down to other major carriers, who have been sending out announcements left and right to warn customers of possible delays.

There seems to be an unlimited amount of drama surrounding the U.S. launch of the Galaxy S III. We’ve seen Apple try to ban it from arriving in the U.S., we’ve seen the free Dropbox storage dropped from U.S. carriers, and now we’re seeing possible shipping delays across multiple carriers. Not to mention the pricing controversy surrounding T-Mobile.

Let’s try to break the rumors down according to carrier and take it from there:


AT&T hasn’t reported any delays and they still appear to be on schedule for a June 21st launch, however, they were one of the carriers that opted to drop out of the 50GB Dropbox storage promo, so don’t expect any free storage waiting for you when you pick up your device. AT&T also appears to have maintained their $199.99 subsidized price unlike some other carriers.


Sprint has already confirmed delays of Samsung Galaxy S III shipments and hopes to have all orders delivered by the end of next week. Sprint has apologized for the inconvenience but judging by online comments, their customers aren’t in a forgiving mood. Sprint’s pricing remains the same at $199.99 and on par with the majority of other carriers. For more information visit https://community.sprint.com/baw/community/sprintblogs/announcements/blog/2012/06/19/samsung-galaxy-s-iii-availability-update


T-Mobile customers have their work cut out for them in regards to the Samsung Galaxy S III. Not only do they have to deal with split launch phases (first phase June 21, second phase June 27), but they’ll also be stuck paying more on T-Mobile than they would on any other U.S. carrier. For some reason, T-Mobile has decided to price the Samsung Galaxy S III at $229.99 down on Value Plans with $20 EIP, $279.99 Classic plan after $50 mail-in rebate (2 year contract required) or $629.99 full retail — ouch!


In classic Verizon style, there’s not much to report. Verizon hasn’t given an official release date, although reports and screencaps have them shipping either July 9th, or the 10th. Verizon has stuck with the $199.99 price and looks to start nickel and diming everyone with their new share everything plans, as well as opting not to give their customers the 50GB of free Dropbox storage (we love you too Verizon).

Most other online retailers and U.S. carriers are reporting delays and pegging the launch anywhere between June 21 and June 28th. To think, all this time, Apple didn’t have to do a thing to delay the Samsung Galaxy S III launch here in the U.S. — the carriers managed to achieve it all by themselves.

Sit tight guys, they’ll be here soon enough.