Anyone Surprised To Hear That The Galaxy S III Has Been Delayed Yet Another Day By Verizon?

Verizon is certainly the king of launch delays, and while they are already going to be the last of the major U.S. carriers to launch the Samsung Galaxy S III, it appears they’ve pushed that date back one extra day. Is one more day really a big deal? Not really, but given Verizon’s track record, one has to wonder: “will one day turn into two, or three, or seven days?”

Verizon hasn’t given any reasons for the delays, which now has the Verizon Samsung Galaxy S III launch slated for July 10 (a good two and half weeks later than other major U.S. carriers). Of course there’s also the rare chance that Verizon pulls a fast one on us and releases the Galaxy S III on June 28th, along with their new Share Everything plans (I know, I’m dreaming).

Well, as of today, Verizon customers are looking at a July 10th ship date for the Samsung Galaxy S III. Surpised? Angered? Share your thoughts below, don’t hold back.