Welcome To Piglantis: Angry Birds Seasons Updated With Water Physics And 30 New Levels

Rovio’s Angry Birds updates are becoming more and more creative. The next batch of summer fun transports our favorite angry aviators to the land of aquatics. Down in the depths of the ocean lives a mythical green beast whose appetite for destruction can only be satisfied by the souls of the avian unborn.

Venture to Piglantis in the latest Angry Birds Season update:

  • Welcome to beautiful Piglantis! Things work a little differently in this aquatic wonderland — try flinging the birds underwater and see what happens! Think you can defeat the King Pig in his tropical lagoon kingdom?
  • Play through 30 ALL NEW LEVELS in the fantastic kingdom of Piglantis!
  • Delight in the new water physics — hint: pigs sink!
  • Explore the underwater ruins of Piglantis!
  • Groove to the aquatic sounds of the lost pigilisation!

I guess the success of Angry Birds Space has taught Rovio that users like to have gameplay switched up every now. The update is now live for both Android and iOS and can be downloaded via their respective App Stores.