Max Payne Now Available For $2.99 In The Google Play Store

After a bit of a delay, Rockstar Games promised Android users that Max Payne would be hitting the Play Store on June 14, and sure enough, it’s here. If you head over to the Play Store, you’ll be able to download the gun blazin’, action packed shooter that brought Bullet Time effects to video games.

The Android version has been fully optimized for Tegra 3 devices and adds additional antistrophic texture filtering as well as enhanced lighting effects. Reviews have thus far condemned gameplay using the onscreen controls, but thankfully, Max Payne for Android features gamepad support for select USB controllers, vibration feedback, and adjustable graphic settings.

You’re definitely going to want to grab a controller to have the best gaming experience, but you can still give it a shot with the on-screen controls if you feel up to the challenge. Hit the source link below to grab Max Payne for Android and start unloading rounds like it’s your job.