Protect The City Of Gotham This Summer In The Dark Knight Rises From Gameloft

Gameloft continues to make friends with all the right people as Hollywood seems to be trusting them to create the official mobile games to accompany their summer blockbusters. First they teamed up with Marvel and Sony Pictures to bring the official Amazing Spiderman and now they’ve teamed up with Warner Brothers Games and DC Comics to bring the official Dark Knight Rises to Android and iOS this summer.

The Dark Knight Rises from Gameloft looks to be an open-world 3D action game similar to the Amazing Spiderman. While specifics are scarce, I’m betting it will feature similar gameplay such as:

  • An immersive universe that stays true to the upcoming film
  • Full 3D action
  • Familiar characters and environments
  • Players will explore the city, protect the citizens, develop their skills and discover amazing powers.

Expect the release to coincide with the movie launch this summer and expect to pay anywhere from $2.99 to $6.99. When we get some more information we’ll let you know. Until then, here’s the iOS trailer which should be on par with what to expect across both platforms.