Verizon Wireless Starts Selling The Sony SmartWatch For $149.97

Verizon Wireless has started selling Sony’s SmartWatch and SmartWatch accessories online and in-store. The Sony SmartWatch was released back in April as an easy and convenient way to check text messages, emails, Facebook and Twitter updates, as well as a slew of other things without the need to always reach for your phone.

The Sony SmartWatch connects to supported Android 2.1+ devices (primarily Sony smartphones) via Bluetooth. Besides all the above mentioned features, the SmartWatch allows you to access supported apps, listen to music, and of course, check the time. I guess that explains the name. I almost picked one up for myself back in April but unfortunately the Samsung Galaxy Nexus isn’t supported.

If the Sony SmartWatch looks familiar, it’s because Sony attempted this project once before under the branding LiveView. The LiveView didn’t fare too well and had an array of issues that apparently have been fixed in the new and improved SmartWatch (although some reviews show otherwise).

It’s definitely an interesting and tempting accessory for any geek or power user, however, I suggest doing a little homework before committing to buying one. If you end up giving yourself the green-light, you’ll be able to find them at Verizon Wireless for $149.97.