Dropbox Adds Video Streaming For Android 4.0 Devices In Latest Update

For the 7+ percent of Android users out there rocking Ice Cream Sandwich, you’ll be happy to hear Dropbox has updated their app to include streaming video support for Android 4.0. This is great for those of you with large Dropbox storage amounts and a few digital movies lying around.

Some of you many have been reluctant to load your movie collection onto your Android device due to storage limitations, but now, thanks to the latest version of Dropbox, you can load them up and then stream them without getting a low storage notification. Of course you’ll need an internet connection, but fear not, you still have the ability to download the videos to your device should you need to go offline.

Other than the streaming video, Dropbox has added language support for Korean speaking users in its update. So head over to the Google Play Store now and grab the latest version of Dropbox for Android.