NVIDIA Kicks Off E3 By Showing Off Five New Tegra 3 Enhanced Mobile Games

We’ve seen a lot of companies talk about mobile gaming at this year’s E3 (Electronic Entertainment Expo). It’s a real testament to how much mobile gaming has evolved and how ignoring it is simply foolish. One company at the forefront of mobile gaming is NVIDIA, who just happened to have a slew of new games up their sleeves. To demo the power of their Tegra 3 chipset and the evolution of console quality gaming on mobile devices, NVIDIA gave us a sneak peek at what they have lined up for the near future.

Dead Finger

We teased you with this zombified action-thriller a few days ago but only the Tegra 3 version has the ability to take advantage of the Tegra 3 processor to provide exclusive effects like enhanced water, specular lighting, volumetric fog and ragdoll physics.

Puddle THD

You may have seen this next one on Xbox Live Arcade or the PlayStation Network, but you’ve never experienced it on a Tegra 3 device, which offers the same intuitive controls as well as higher resolution textures, advanced fluid effects, better shadows and advanced physics effects.

Demons’ Score THD

Square Enix and Epic Games plan to take mobile gaming visuals to the ultimate limit with Demons’ Score for mobile devices. Combining stunning visuals, break-beat action, and music by top song writers and composers, Demons’ Score will deliver thrilling touch-based gameplay through a mind-blowing fusion of stunning 3D graphics and music.

Tegra 3-exclusive features include higher resolution textures, advanced bloom effects, rim lighting, dynamic shadows and depth-of-field effects.

Bounty Arms

NVIDIA and its Tegra 3 platform plan to add enhancements to this 3D side-scrolling action game by Open-Reset and Luma Arcade. These improvements include visual and performance upgrades and exclusive content like co-op play and advanced particle effects.

Heroes Call

NVIDIA and their Tegra 3 bring exclusive features to this action RPG full of embodied quests. With higher resolution light maps, spectacular maps on character weapons and armor and additional physics interaction on objects and particles, Heroes Call for Tegra 3 devices will be a journey like non other.

If you happen to be at E3, NVIDIA will be proud to give you a hands on with these new games over at the NVIDIA booh in the Concourse Hall (booth #8601)!

Game on!