Sony Opens Up Playstation Suite To HTC, Rebrands It Playstation Mobile

It turns out February’s rumors were true and HTC will indeed be getting the Playstation Suite, however, it will be called the Playstation Mobile thanks to a Sony rebranding. Sony announced the rebranding along with the HTC partnership today at E3.

Originally, the Playstation Suite was only available to “Playstation Certified” devices, which naturally were all Sony devices. Unfortunately, the results were underwhelming to say the least, therefore Sony has switched up their game plan to include an open SDK and support for non-Sony devices. This is a great move by Sony and one that I’m sure many mobile users will be excited about.

I bet you HTC One X owners wouldn’t mind legally playing a few Playstation games on your mobile device, now would you? This is a great way for Sony to expand its suite and monetize the content across multiple hardware devices.

Now that “Playstation Certification” is coming to non-Sony devices, will having that branding play into your device purchasing decisions?