Google Finally Adds In-App Subscriptions To Google Play

Mo’ Money, Mo’ Money: that’s what developers can start chanting thanks to Google finally adding in-app subscriptions to Google Play. It’s been a year since they introduced in-app billing into the now Google Play Store and it’s opened a whole new avenue of monetization for developers. In fact, 23 of the 24 top-grossing apps in Google Play use in-app billing. Naturally, the next step was to add in-app subscriptions, unlike the one-time buying model of current in-app purchases, subscriptions allow developers to sell recurring content or features on a monthly or yearly basis.

The subscription model is good for magazines, music, videos, etc., and Google is even introducing an HTTP-based publisher API for developers to extend subscriptions from their Android apps to their web properties. You can expect to start seeing developers implement the new in-app subscription service within the next couple days, and if you’re a developer looking for more information, we encourage you to click on the source link below.