T-Mobile UK Now Taking Samsung Galaxy S III Pre-Orders

As we approach the UK launch of the Samsung Galaxy S III, T-Mobile UK has gone ahead an started taking pre-orders, as well as outlining all of their available plans. The majority of you out there will probably want to go with the “Full Monty” plan, which includes unlimited texts, data, Tmo-to-Tmo calls and 2000 minutes for £36 per month. Users who sign up for the “Full Monty” will be able to score a Samsung Galaxy S III for the low price of £49.99.

Of course if that’s overkill, you can always sign up for one of the less expensive plans, but you’ll end up paying a bit more for the phone. Pre-orders look like they won’t get shipped until after May 30th, so you may actually be better off grabbing one in-store, depending on availability.

The Samsung Galaxy S III will be the talk of the town for the next couple months so if you’re due for an upgrade or want the latest device out, this is the one to get.

For a full look at specs, plans, and pricing, head over to the T-Mobile UK site by following the link below.