Turntable.fm Now Playing In The Google Play Store, Let The DJ Wars Begin

Turntable.fm has finally come to Android, allowing you to join in and battle your friends for virtual DJ supremacy. Turntable.fm allows you and your friends to take turns playing DJ to a virtual room of listeners. Listeners get to vote whether the song is awesome or lame and if it receives too many lame votes, it gets skipped. It’s a great way to discover new music and have fun as you chat with friends and listen to an eclectic mix of music.

A couple drawbacks to the app are the fact that it’s U.S. only and it requires you to sign in using either your Facebook or Twitter account. They’re definitely alienating a huge user base by requiring a Facebook or Twitter account but if that’s their business model, then that’s the way it is. To download the turntable.fm app for Android, simply follow the Google Play link below.

Google Play Link | turntable.fm