Samsung Galaxy S III Sign-Up Page Goes Live, Lists U.S. Carriers

The sign-up page for the Samsung Galaxy S III has gone live, allowing users to register for up-to-date information (for before-the-date information follow an Android blog such as CoA) regarding the Samsung Galaxy S III U.S. launch. It’s interesting to see all major and regional carriers listed under the “carrier preference” drop-down menu and this indicates Samsung plans to bring the Galaxy S III to as many U.S. carriers as possible. Whether or not these carriers will feature the device, and at what dates, remains anyone’s guess — although Samsung did say it would hit the U.S. sometime in the summer.

The sign-up page also lists all of Samsung Mobile’s U.S. social media contacts, so you might want to follow those as well — you have a better chance hearing about it on social media than actually receiving an email from Samsung. For more information and to register for news on the Samsung Galaxy S III, follow the source link below.