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Here’s a new Android app you weren’t expecting: Climatology from Microsoft, a unique weather service that provides climate information for anywhere on Earth. It won’t provide you with a forecast for the week ahead, but it will help you plan a dry vacation or avoid rain when choosing your wedding date.


The BBC has today unveiled a new weather app for smartphones running Android and iOS. Available to those in the U.K. and Ireland, it’s powered by Met Office data and provides all kinds of information that’ll help you plan for the day ahead, including hourly forecasts, and data on UV, pollen count, humidity, and more.


AccuWeather is one of my favorite weather apps on Android (alongside WeatherPro). Not only does it look good, but I’ve also found it to be incredibly accurate, and it has some great features. There’s a free version if you don’t mind looking at nasty ads, but for a limited time, you can get the ad-free AccuWeather Platinum for just 99¢.



There are weather apps, and then there are weather apps; Nooly is, apparently, the latter. Nooly is so accurate, its press release claims, the app “is capable of predicting the exact minute it will rain or snow and can do so effectively, wherever you are, for every 0.4 square miles.” That’s pretty precise.

If you’ve recently typed “weather” into Google search on your mobile phone, you may have noticed Google’s neat little interactive weather visualizations. The new weather visualizations give you a look at the current forecast, precipitation, wind direction/speeds, as well as an hourly and ten-day forecast. And now, these same cool visualizations are available in search on tablets.