Climatology is a unique weather app for Android from… Microsoft?


Here’s a new Android app you weren’t expecting: Climatology from Microsoft, a unique weather service that provides climate information for anywhere on Earth. It won’t provide you with a forecast for the week ahead, but it will help you plan a dry vacation or avoid rain when choosing your wedding date.

Climatology is a basic app — in some cases too basic — developed by Microsoft’s environmental scientists for finding climate information for any location on the planet during any month of the year. Although its feature set isn’t all that expensive, it can be incredibly useful.

When you open it up, the first thing do to in Climatology is select the location you wish to research. Unfortunately, there is no search box, so you’ll have to pan around a map to find it. It’s not a seamless experience — particularly as the map can be slow and jumpy — but you’ll get there eventually.

Once you do, it’s time to pick a month. Climatology will then display climate information for a typical day in your selected location during the selected month. You can use the buttons at the bottom of the display to switch between temperature, rain, and sunshine information.

Climatology is useful for planning things like vacations and days out — things that are likely to be impacted by weather conditions. If you want a vacation in March, for example, the app will help you find a location where it’s going to be warm at that time of year.

In the U.K. on a typical day in July, for example, the average temperate is 16°C, you can expect sunshine for around 36% of the day, and you’re likely to see rain on about 12 days during the month. You’ll probably want to look elsewhere for your summer getaway, then, unless you’re hoping to avoid sunburn.

Climatology is a free download, and you can find it now in Google Play by following the link below.