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Don’t get ripped off by monthly, quarterly, or annual VPN subscriptions ever again. At Cult of Android Deals, we have some incredible deals on lifetime VPN subscriptions that you’ll only ever pay one fee for — and for a limited time only, they’re as cheap as $15.


Snag a lifetime pass to complete Internet security with Wifi Protector. This top-notch VPN provider allows you to surf the web worry-free on public connections, and leaves your data and activity scrambled and useless to potential hackers — and for a limited time only, you’ll pay just $49 for a lifetime subscription.


Imagine a world where anonymous communication, anonymous surfing, and secure file transfers exist in one easy-to-use service.

The team at Privatoria made this a reality, helping your data to stay safe and confidential while you browse the Internet. Privatoria doesn’t require an ounce of tech background to set up, and doesn’t keep any logs of your activity; it’s quite simply the simplest way to stay secure online.

What’s more, thanks to Cult of Android, you can get it with 48% off for today only.


Don’t fall victim to Internet hackers while using public Wi-Fi; protect your data and browse anonymously with NordVPN. Say goodbye to internet browsing restrictions, and hello to private unrestricted access and super savings.

Get two years of NordVPN access and save 67% for a limited time, thanks to Cult of Android Deals.


Safeguard your Internet privacy, bypass geo-restrictions, and supercharge your connection speed while streaming your favorite flicks, all thanks to ibVPN.

ibVPN is a trusted, premium-quality VPN service for mobile and desktop — and thanks to Cult of Android Deals, it’s now 84% cheaper until midnight tonight.

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