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Google Cardboard: VR on the cheap. Photo: Google

Google Cardboard: VR on the cheap. Photo: Google

Own a Google Cardboard headset? You can now use it with Google Maps to make Street View your virtual reality. The “easter egg” lets you tour virtual cities from your smartphone like never before, and it could be easier to activate.


Google has updated its Google Maps apps for Android and iOS to add real-time incident reports from the Waze community. This means that when Waze users — or “Wazers” as they like to be called — report accidents, construction, road closures, and other delays, the alerts will be displayed inside Google Maps as well as Waze.


Google Earth for Android today received a new update that adds a number of new features, including Street View, improved search and directions, and an improved interface.

In case you hadn’t already heard, Google finally released an official Google Maps app for iPhone on Wednesday night, and I must say, I think it’s terrific. It’s super quick, it looks fantastic, and it brings back all the mapping features you had on your iPhone before Apple gave Google Maps the boot — including Street View and transit directions. Google has also thrown its own turn-by-turn navigation into the mix for good measure.

In fact, the new Google Maps app for iPhone is so good that Google admits it’s better than the Android version. It also promises an iPad version is coming soon.

Some of the most amazing moments of my life happened underwater at Hanaunama Bay in Hawaii. I can remember the serenity I felt swimming with sea turtles and simply losing myself in this underwater paradise. I’ve often told my wife about these adventures and now, thanks to the amazing Google Maps, I can relive them via the remarkable new underwater Street View imagery.

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