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The Google Chromecast has been a major success in the United States, and it appears to be replicating that in Europe. According to major British retail chain Dixons, the media streaming dongle has been one of its most successful launches to date, with one unit sold every 4.5 seconds on launch day.


Pocket Casts, arguably the finest podcast client available for Android, just received a new update that allows users to stream their favorite shows to their TV via Chromecast. The release also brings a new icon and user interface improvements, performance enhancements, and more.


Twitch, the hugely popular video streaming service for gamers, today announced a new SDK that will allow Android and iOS developers to integrate Twitch into their games. It will give users the ability to broadcast, capture, and archive their gaming sessions on their smartphones and tablets.


As expected, Spotify has today announced a new music streaming service for Android and iOS that won’t cost you a penny to enjoy. It’s not traditional Spotify streaming as you know it, though; the new “Shuffle” feature lets you pick an album or artist then delivers tracks in a random order.


Spotify Connect, the new wireless streaming feature that lets you send Spotify music to supported speakers around your home, is now available on Android — almost three months after making its debut on iOS.

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