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Spotify has today rolled out a nice new update to its Android app today, finally giving users the ability to add whole albums to existing playlists. The release also introduces a confirmation dialogue that prevents you from adding tracks to playlists twice accidentally, and fixes an issue that caused the app to crash on devices with ARMv5 processors.


If you want unlimited music for an affordable monthly fee, you sign up to Spotify or Rdio. If you want movies, you choose Netflix. But what if you want books? Well, there’s Oyster, which today makes its debut on Android and offers over 500,000 ebooks on-demand for just $9.95 a month.


Amazon’s long-rumored music streaming service is finally here. It’s called Amazon Prime Music, and it offers unlimited, ad-free streaming of more than a million songs and hundreds of playlists. And if you’re an Amazon Prime subscriber, you get it completely free on your smartphone, tablet and computer.


Spotify is currently pushing out a much-anticipated update for its official Android application. In terms of added functionality, this upgrade doesn’t bring much to the table, but it does include an exciting new feature which allows users to download their entire music library for offline listening.


Data breaches are becoming more and more prevalent amongst major companies,  Spotify is the most recent to suffer the nasty consequences of what could have been a byproduct of the recent Heartbreak virus.

Earlier today, the folks over at the music-streaming service announced that, unfortunately, there had been some unauthorised access to its systems and internal company data. Fortunately, only one customer’s non-sensitive account data was accessed, but the service is taking extreme care to ensure other users are not affected.

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