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The Galaxy S5′s fingerprint scanner may be coming more than 7 months later than the iPhone’s, but it’s already going to be more useful to users. Not only will it allow them to unlock their device at the touch of a button, but Samsung’s going to allow third-party developers to integrate fingerprint scanning into their own applications, too.


Some gadgets are unique, carving out their own nonpareil niche while eliciting wide-eyed, slack-jawed appreciation. Other gadgets swim in a thick soup of contemporaries, and stand out for their high bang-for-buck score. It’s the latter reason we mention Swann’s new SwannEye HD, a weather-resistant, bell-and-whistle-stuffed outdoor security cam priced at $180.


Google updated Android Device Manager this week to finally introduce a password lock. Once activated, you’ll need to enter your Google password to gain access to the app — but it’s an inconvenience that’s well worth living with.


Samsung has confirmed that it is researching iris scanning security technology for its future smartphones, but its upcoming Galaxy S5 may employ a fingerprint reader instead — just like Apple’s iPhone 5s. A Galaxy S5 APK file named “FingerprintService” has been leaked ahead of the handset’s release.


We’ve seen lots of Android apps that offer inventive ways to secure your smartphone, but I don’t think any of them are as interesting as Ergo from Descartes Biometrics. Ergo lets you unlock your smartphone using the unique geometry of your ear, so gaining access to your device is as easy as placing it against your face.

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