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The development team behind Replicant OS, an open-source operating system based on Android, have discovered a security flaw with Samsung devices that can provide remote access to your data. The “backdoor” is found in a whole bunch of Galaxy-branded handsets — including the Galaxy Nexus — running “most propriety Android systems.”


We may have laughed at the original Galaxy Note for its massive 5.3-inch display when Samsung first announced it back in 2011, but like the flagship Galaxy S series, it’s been a huge success. Now in its third generation, the device has sold over 10 million units in just two months.


Samsung has apologized to Chinese customers following a report from China’s state TV that alleged the South Korean company had sold devices with malfunctioning memory chips. The problem, which affects seven Samsung smartphones in total, causes the devices to crash randomly when they’re being used.


Samsung almost managed to keep the Galaxy Gear a secret, but just two days ahead of its official unveiling, pictures of a prototype have been leaked for the first time. This is the device that’s been given to developers a select Samsung partners, according to the sources that obtained the pictures — but is this the design you can expect the Galaxy Gear to ship with?


As successor to the hugely successful Galaxy S III, the Galaxy S4 always had big boots to fill — but it appears to be doing that with ease. In just four days last month, Samsung shipped a staggering 4 million Galaxy S4 handsets. It’s now on track to ship 10 million by the end of May.

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