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Samsung launched its flagship smartphone of 2014, the Galaxy S5, in a whopping 125 countries on Friday, and for many customers who were lucky enough to get their hands on one, it was their first IP67 certified waterproof smartphone — so it’s only natural that they were eager to get it home and submerge the handset in water to put it through its paces.

Once they’ve played around with their new phone for an hour or two, owners will then probably want to personalize it as best as they can; this usually comes in the form of purchasing skins, decals or even replacement housing. That’s where this post comes into play. Since Friday, we have seen a shedload of third-party backplates designed exclusively for the Galaxy S5 appear on eBay. However, we strongly recommend you refrain from buying one.

Here’s why.


eBay is offering a great deal on Google’s latest Nexus 7 today. If you’re happy to buy refurbished, you can get a 16GB model for just $149.99 — $50 less than the regular retail price — and standard shipping is free throughout the U.S.


The real “All New HTC One” may not be available for at least another few weeks, but you can already buy dummy models on eBay. China-based “Dummy_Store” has a whole bunch of Verizon-branded display units on sale for just $65.


Motorola held its final Moto X sale earlier this week, but it took just 10 minutes for its entire stock allocation to sell out. If you didn’t get in early, then, you would have missed out on the chance to bag a promo code that entitles you to $150 off your new smartphone.

But don’t worry — you can already buy the promo codes on eBay, and there are plenty of them available.


Happy Thanksgiving to all of our American readers! To get us in the mood for the day ahead, a couple of vendors on eBay have launched two new deals to contribute to the official Black Friday sale. For the next two days, you’ll be able to pick up Google’s latest flagship 7-inch tablet, the Nexus 7, for the discounted price of $189.99 for the 16GB model ($40 off), and $209.99 for the 32GB (that’s a full $60 off the retail price).

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