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Samsung unveiled its latest flagship tablet, the Galaxy Tab Pro 12.2, back in June, 2013, and three months later the device was available to purchase from several retailers in the U.S. for a whopping $749. However, if you haven’t had the opportunity or the wherewithal to pick one up before now, it may interest to you to know that the popular online marketplace, eBay, is currently offering the device with a $350 discount.


You need to change your eBay password. Now.

Later today the online auction giant will be emailing all customers to inform them that it has discovered a major security breach that took place several weeks ago. A database that included unencrypted passwords and personal information was compromised, but eBay promises your financial data is safe.


Samsung launched its flagship smartphone of 2014, the Galaxy S5, in a whopping 125 countries on Friday, and for many customers who were lucky enough to get their hands on one, it was their first IP67 certified waterproof smartphone — so it’s only natural that they were eager to get it home and submerge the handset in water to put it through its paces.

Once they’ve played around with their new phone for an hour or two, owners will then probably want to personalize it as best as they can; this usually comes in the form of purchasing skins, decals or even replacement housing. That’s where this post comes into play. Since Friday, we have seen a shedload of third-party backplates designed exclusively for the Galaxy S5 appear on eBay. However, we strongly recommend you refrain from buying one.

Here’s why.


eBay is offering a great deal on Google’s latest Nexus 7 today. If you’re happy to buy refurbished, you can get a 16GB model for just $149.99 — $50 less than the regular retail price — and standard shipping is free throughout the U.S.


The real “All New HTC One” may not be available for at least another few weeks, but you can already buy dummy models on eBay. China-based “Dummy_Store” has a whole bunch of Verizon-branded display units on sale for just $65.

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