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Hugo Barra, ex-member of the Android team at Google and now working for Xiaomi, has just announced that its new employer managed to ship about 26.1 millions phones globally in the first half of 2014. This is 3.7x times higher or an increase of 271% than what it shipped in the same period last year. 


Samsung wants to be one of the world’s top 10 places to work by 2020, but according to the latest third-party labor conditions report, working for the South Korean smartphone maker is still a horrible experience, especially if you’re one of its Chinese suppliers.

An audit of 100 of Samsung’s suppliers in China found issues like overtime, proper saftey gear and training are still prominent issues. You can read the full 69-page report on Samsung’s site, but here’s a quick rundown of the egregious conditions:


After silently unveiling a mini variant of the Find 7 earlier this month, the R6007, Oppo has announced another new smartphone for the Chinese market — the R3.

The company is marketing the handset as the thinnest LTE smartphone on the market, even though it only supports the LTE frequencies used in China. But with a waistline of only 6.3mm, the Oppo R3 truly deserves that title.


Oppo has silently gone ahead and unveiled a smaller version of its current flagship , the Find 7, that comes with a gigantic 5.5-inch display — dubbed the Oppo R6007. 

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Chinese manufacturer Xiaomi is known for its budget ranged handsets like the Redmi and the recently launched Redmi Note. Thanks to low-cost devices like these, the sales volume of the company is pretty high. And according to new figures published by the company, it has sold over 11 million smartphones in 2014 already, which is a remarkable feat considering that we’re only three months into the year.

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