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Revelations of the catastrophic Heartbleed bug shook the Internet last week with news that over two-thirds of web servers were vulnerable to the security hole, but it turns out end-users are also susceptible to the bug, including millions of Android smartphones.

Thanks to the strange demise of Flappy Bird the App Store and Google Play are rampant with flappy knock-offs, but after a period of silence game developer Dong Nguyen confirmed that his life destroying game is making a comeback, but you’ll have to wait a while.


The iWatch hasn’t been announced. We haven’t seen any leaked hardware, but that’s not stopping every major tech company in the world from rushing out their smartwatch designs, including Motorola which just announced its beautiful answer to iWatch, the Moto 360.

Rather than utilizing a square display Motorola ambitiously decided to give the Moto 360 watch face a round display, which is trickier to manufacture and code for, but it looks gorgeous. Moto 360 is powered by Google Wear, features Google Now voice inputs, has built in support for Maps, Email, Texting and calls, plus it doubles as a pretty nice timepiece.

Here’s the Moto 360 teaser


This afternoon Sundar Pichai revealed the dates for Google’s annual developer conference, Google I/O, where developers across the globe descend on San Francisco to learn what’s next.

The 7th annual Google I/O will be held on June 25-26, but if you want to get in you’ll have to win a lottery.



While Apple has aimed to keep the design of the iPhone consistent over the last six years – same screen size, same form factor, same metal band antenna on the outside – Google has managed to keep fans excited by providing different variants of its flagship Nexus device every single year.

Sure, all those different screen sizes and hardware changes have helped push the state of horrific fragmentation in the Android market, but at least fandroids get new design choices every year. To celebrate the release of the Nexus 5, our friends over at GadgetLove created an awesome GIF  GIF showcasing how the Nexus has evolved over the years.

Check it out below:

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