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Nexus Player. Photo: Google

Nexus Player. Photo: Google

As Apple’s preparing for its second big event in as many months, Google just quietly unleashed an arsenal of new products to push it past Cupertino, including the first real Android TV that will have you ready to ditch your Chromecast, and your Apple TV — at least for a day.

Google’s first Android TV set-box, Nexus Player, is a four-inch hockey puck shaped device that not only plays all your favorite movies and TV shows like on Apple TV and Amazon’s Fire TV, it also plays games.


Google’s long-awaited flagship smartphone, the Nexus 6, has finally been announced, and it’s a 5.9-inch gorgeous monster.

Nexus 6 will be the first device to ship with the new Android operating system Lollipop, so that you know you’re getting the the purest Android experience on the new phablet that’s so big, even the iPhone 6 Plus just got size envy.


Android Wear’s complete customization features give it an advantage Apple Watch can’t match once it launches next year. Everything on Android Wear and you could even make it look just like Apple Watch’s UI if you want, or if you’re a nostalgic 16-year old with too much time on your hands, you can hack Windows 95 onto the 1.63-inch display of the Samsung Gear Live.

Corbin Davenport posted a video of this smartwatch running the 20-year old operating system. His hack utilizes aDosBox, which emulates an x86 processor and DOS-like operating system so you can do silly stuff like install Microsoft’s oldest operating system, or old apps like Doom (which Corbin’s also done).

Watch the full video below:


The iPhone 6 comes armed with a fast new A8 processor, but some fanboys were disappointed to discover the new chip only sports 1GB, when most premium Android handsets are rolling 2GB deep with more GHz on the spec sheet than iPhone 6 can match.

iPhone 6 has performed admirably in GeekBench tests, but to see how Apple’s new phone compares in the real world, PhoneBuff created a multi-tasking obstacle course, where the iPhone and it’s competition had to jump from app to app in the fastest time possible.

HTC One (M8) and the Samsung Galaxy S5 both have 2GB of RAM, when it comes to everyday use the iPhone 6 doesn’t just beat the competition, it nearly runs a lap around the Galaxy S5.

Check out the action below:


Apple Watch and its revolutionary UI were in the making for three years, and even though it was revealed less than a week ago, it only took Android Wear four days to copy it.

Android Wear users who don’t want to wait until early 2015 to try Apple’s UI can get a taste of neutered version of it via a copycat watchface called Pear from UhrArt that imitates the bubbly homescreen of Apple Watch.

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