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Things get weird when Samsung stops copying Apple and tries to do its own thing, and as if to remind us of that salient fact, the company tapped famed Korean rapper Mad Clown, to blast out rap on its new corporate sustainability animated rap video.

The Samsung rap video highlights the company’s positive stats on diversity on work-life, but fails to mention some of the grimmer facts that were discovered in its sustainability report that was published earlier this year.

Samsung posted its bizarre rap video this morning, boasting sick statistic-laced rhymes like “Samsung, we 280,000 humans, 40 percent 112,000 women. You don’t have to worry after giving birth.” If that sick line doesn’t make you want to sign up to build the next Galaxy S6, just listen to the rest of the catchy raps in the video above.

Xiaomi is about to become a $40 billion company. Photo: Xiaomi

Xiaomi is about to become a $40 billion company. Photo: Xiaomi

Thanks to its cheap, Apple-esque devices, Xiaomi has quickly become the world’s third-largest smartphone supplier. Now all that copying is about to pay off big time: The Chinese startup is raising $1.5 billion in capital, the largest private financing deal since Facebook in 2011.

Negotiations haven’t been finalized, but investors include Russian Internet company DST — which backed Facebook, Airbnb and Alibaba — with a valuation expected to top $40 billion, CNBC reports.

Google Wallet usage is on the rise too. Photo: Google

Google Wallet usage is on the rise too. Photo: Google

Mobile payments are on the rise everywhere thanks to Apple Pay, and if you want proof, look at Google Wallet’s once-dying carcase.

Google’s mobile wallet solution launched over three years ago but failed to gain any significant usage, but Apple Pay’s launch has breathed new life into the competitor, with sources at Ars Technica reporting that new users have doubled in just a month.

Nexus Player. Photo: Google

Nexus Player. Photo: Google

As Apple’s preparing for its second big event in as many months, Google just quietly unleashed an arsenal of new products to push it past Cupertino, including the first real Android TV that will have you ready to ditch your Chromecast, and your Apple TV — at least for a day.

Google’s first Android TV set-box, Nexus Player, is a four-inch hockey puck shaped device that not only plays all your favorite movies and TV shows like on Apple TV and Amazon’s Fire TV, it also plays games.


Google’s long-awaited flagship smartphone, the Nexus 6, has finally been announced, and it’s a 5.9-inch gorgeous monster.

Nexus 6 will be the first device to ship with the new Android operating system Lollipop, so that you know you’re getting the the purest Android experience on the new phablet that’s so big, even the iPhone 6 Plus just got size envy.

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