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The Note 5 has super specs, but can't match iPhone 6's speed. Photo: Samsung

The Note 5 has super specs, but can’t match iPhone 6’s speed. Photo: Samsung

The Samsung Galaxy Note 5 is one of the most beefed up and powerful smartphones the world has ever seen. In terms of raw specs, the Note 5 blows the 2014 iPhone 6 out of the water with 4GB of RAM and a zippier processor, but as Apple has taught us for so many years, specs don’t always translate into better performance.

To see how fast the Galaxy Note 5 is compared to last year’s iPhone hardware, DroidModderX pitted the two devices against each other in a speed test designed to mimic everyday use, and the results were quite surprising. The iPhone is running on weaker hardware, but thanks to Apple’s software it managed to blow the Note 5 out of the water, thanks to Samsung’s horrible TouchWiz UI that bogs down all the memory.

Watch iPhone 6 destroy the Note 5 below:

Concept of Apple's giant tablet.

Concept of Apple’s giant tablet.

Apple fans are eagerly awaiting the announcement of the company’s giant iPad Pro that’s been swimming through the rumor mill for years now, but Samsung is already preparing its answer for the new tablet that will likely be aimed at pros and enterprise use.

NFL commissioner Roger Goodell announced that he is upholding the four game suspension the league gave Tom Brady for his role in Deflategate earlier this year, all because the four-time Super Bowl champion refused to hand over his cellphone.

The New England Patriot quarterback told fans this morning that he’s disappointed with the league’s decision, but he’s got a perfectly good explanation as to why he couldn’t give investigators his phone to access to his text messages – he had just switched to the iPhone 6.


Google+ is no longer mandatory.

Get ready to say au revoir to that unwanted Google+ account you randomly get a friend requests on once a year.

Google announced today that in the coming months the company will allow you to create a YouTube Channel, or Gmail account, without creating a Google+ account. And for those of us who were forced onto Google+, there will be an option to finally remove your public profile.

Samsung Pay trials have begun.

Samsung Pay trials have begun.

Apple finally turned on Apple Pay in the U.K. this week as part of its push to make 2015 ‘the year of Apple Pay’, but it may soon face competition from its biggest rival, Samsung.

In preparation for a full roll out later this year, Samsung has begun testing its contactless payment service, Samsung Pay, at select locations in South Korea starting on July 15th.

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