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Nowadays, not only companies but also lots of individuals use Quick Response (QR) codes, those funny black-and-white squares with a grid pattern that you scan and be directed to a product web site, on their own business cards, CVs, merchandise, personal ads, posters, anything where they want to draw attention to their social media, blog or web site. But, how to get people to scan that QR code? It’s just not very appealing, is it? Now, visual QR code is a new tech created by Israeli startup Visualead which blends your QR code with your chosen image to produce a fully functioning visual QR code that is actually appealing–and much more likely to be scanned. Watch the video here….



I did something really dumb in Vegas last month — I forgot my sunglasses in a Starbucks. A couple of hours after trapsing through a mall, I realized what I’d done, and panicked; they weren’t cheap. I anxiously retraced my steps, ending up back at the cafe. Some fabulous Samaritan had turned them in.

If I’d left my phone behind instead — or something else large enough for a FinderCodes tag (sunglasses aren’t) — the good guy (or girl) could have easily FedExed it to me anonymously.