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Today, Bloomberg reports that Google’s Motorola Mobility unit has filed a new case against Apple with the International Trade Commission (ITC). In the claim, Google asserts that seven of Motorola’s patents have been infringed by the Cupertino-based company.

The patents Google is claiming in the case include location-based reminders, email notification, and video players, oddly enough. The suit itself seeks a ban on US imports of devices like the iPhone and iPad as well as Mac computers, all of which are manufactured out of the US, in China.

If you happen to care about the ongoing patent wars, then you may want to know about the latest ruling in the Apple vs. Motorola case brought down by the International Trade Commission. The Administrative Law Judge ruled that Motorola Mobility does not violate any of the three Apple patents listed in Appleā€™s suit. This suit dates back to October 2010, when Apple claimed that various Motorola devices infringed upon certain patents related to touchscreen features, as well as an ability to add components without having to run an installation program or rebooting. While this is an initial ruling, chances of the final ruling being any different are extremely slim.