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Stagelight makes music making easy. Photo: Open Labs

Stagelight makes music making easy. Photo: Open Labs

One of Apple’s finest apps is GarageBand, which allows almost anyone to create music using only their Mac or iOS device. Sadly, it’s not available on Android — but Stagelight is.

Just like GarageBand, Stagelight makes music creation incredibly simple, with a large collection of virtual instruments, sounds, and loops at your disposal.¬†And don’t worry if you don’t know what you’re doing, because Stagelight’s helpful in-app lessons can teach you.


Android users got a bit of a surprise over the weekend when they opened up Google Play to find a number of popular Apple apps had been ported to their devices. Apps like Garageband, iMovie, iPhoto, and the iWork productivity suite were all available to download for a brief period before they were pulled again.

Those who managed to purchase them before they disappeared, however, quickly found out that they were not the real thing. Surprise, surprise.