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I have a complicated relationship with gloves. On the one hand, I love that they keep my fingers from falling off in frigid weather. But then there’s the frustration at their complete lack of cooperation when I’m trying to use the touchscreen on my phone. As a result, I end up either constantly removing and re-donning my gloves in an endless cycle that freezes my delicate fingers anyway — or abandoning my phone altogether in disgust.

The problem is that most touchscreens rely on our fingers to act as conductors, and conventional gloves block that conductivity. But glove-makers have rolled with the times, and there are solutions — gloves that allow conductivity to pass through the glove’s fabric and onto the screen. One of the most buzzed about is Outdoor Research’s Sensor Gloves ($69), which use real leather that doesn’t appear or feel any different than leather used in non-conductive gloves.

TeeFury, the online site which features one new super limited-edition tee every 24 hours for $10 has a geeky t-shirt you might be interested in. Today’s t-shirt — which will be gone in about 4 hours — features our favorite Android mascot being carried off by the mischievous Jawa of Star Wars. This parody of a geek classic is a satirical take on the license fees involved every time a droid phone is sold according to the designer. I’m assuming he’s referring to the licensing fees being paid to Lucasfilm Ltd. for the DROID name, but either way, it’s a cool little t-shirt that meshes some geeky goodness.